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Working primarily in mixed media, Christine Kim creates intricate paper cuttings and drawings, carving away the boundaries between drawing, sculpture, collage, and installation. She lives and works in Toronto. 

ramping up for the artist project 2014


ramping up for the artist project 2014

christine kim

I am trying to get my head back in the game and frame a bunch of work in the next two weeks. All of the drawings are taped to my walls, so it's a matter of locking them down into compositions. This year, I'll be putting up an installation for the Artist Project, so it'll be double duty for set up. The Confessional is going up again after Come Up To My Room. Vanathy and I are reconfiguring the panels this time to suit the new venue. 

Two things that are on my mind as of late...

For the confessional, it is about a sacred space and I found that the paper screens almost act as panels of cloth to layer and layer, as an act of sheltering, protecting, obscuring identities. A confession is a moment of vulnerability and nakedness. I'm intrigued with paper/fabric as a way to swaddle the naked and to give them a refuge by obscuring their faces. It is only a voice in the end. 

Another thing that's on my mind is Detroit. Among the abandoned houses, gardens from years past still come through - ghost gardens. My drawings are leaning towards sticks and stones, basic building blocks for children. There is that sense of play and temporality in these materials, but at a larger scale of wooden beams, marble columns and stone walls, it gives way to larger structures that reach for permanence, endurance. 

Oh and yet another thought that I keep returning to is the idea of personal collections. This one is not fully formed as of yet, but I want to revisit still lifes and see what else there is to say. 

This year has been a bit of a marathon. Fewer blog posts, consistent production, little room for pause. I'm hoping  to slow things down after the Montreal show and work at a more reflective pace. I feel like every exhibit is just a stepping stone for more - creating more openings to ponder, evaluate, and mull over. The time has been precious to me. I become a guardian of time and am always grateful for it.  Here's to a good show. =) 

- c.