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Working primarily in mixed media, Christine Kim creates intricate paper cuttings and drawings, carving away the boundaries between drawing, sculpture, collage, and installation. She lives and works in Toronto. 


christine kim

I'm toying with the idea of doing a formal photo shoot using the paper sculpture pieces, hiring a model, makeup artist, and collaborating with photographer friend, Don Toye. I had Marcinku over at my studio experimenting with some ideas.
 various crowns and helmets.

 the paper has really nice structural qualities for strange silhouettes.

 and always the play of light and shadow.

this paper sculpture was originally from my collaboration with Lesley Look Hong for the Show Off exhibit. She assembled them in a series sprawling limbs that actually work well when wrapped and layered. The pentagons almost lock in place at times, giving it nice volume.

 I love this suspended one. The sculpture is from the Artist Project, but unravelled.
Lots of possibilities if the compositions are arranged on the floor - no need to defy gravity.