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Working primarily in mixed media, Christine Kim creates intricate paper cuttings and drawings, carving away the boundaries between drawing, sculpture, collage, and installation. She lives and works in Toronto. 


christine kim

Mostly words these days. The rain started today which reminds me that I wouldn't like Vancouver too much. I hate being soggy.
I'm crafting the whole book now in my head. The first chapter is on its way. I'm a few pages in with the punctured black mayfair. When placed against vellum and held up to the light, it looks magical. I think the intimate words of each letter as well as the sense of wonder are really nice reflections of my original intent.
I printed a contour map to draw out the lines on my second chapter, which will be a stack of transparencies.. each one will make up one layer of the contour. I should get working on that.
My third chapter's format is unclear to me at this point. I have a vague idea of what I want it to do. I want the maps to fold unfold. I will need to bind them to maintain some linear structure. I want images as well of hands that are drawing, cutting, and folding.
Mike is reading my third chapter as I write this. I hope it's not too scatterbrained. I know my thoughts are everywhere and a central theme should be strengthened. I will wait for his feedback hopefully later today. If not, I will get into it tomorrow.
It's already 2pm. I wonder what I should do - studio or stay here and draw the contour map?
I want also to find a way to cut a map out of paper and fold that inside too. I like the idea of cutting, although violent and aggressive, sometimes you have to be. These cuttings create openings and invitations to the viewer. When suspended, the viewer is asked to look at, through, in, and change their perspective constantly.