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Working primarily in mixed media, Christine Kim creates intricate paper cuttings and drawings, carving away the boundaries between drawing, sculpture, collage, and installation. She lives and works in Toronto. 


christine kim

A post-it note was stuck on my papercut today.
It reads:
- Noodley appendages with which I have been touched!
And an instructor, former classmate, Scott, commented on the installation.
"Is that yours?"
"It's good. It works well. I'm surprised no one else is taking advantage of the space"
So, I decided to go out and buy some more paper. As if 1000 feet of paper that's coming in next week is not enough. I talked to a construction worker and he said that the scaffolding will be up even next week. I told him that I think I'm the only one who's ecstatic to hear that.
Tomorrow is dedicated to cutting paper. I have 50 yards.